Rethink project

Thought I would start to keep a track of some research links to others’ sites, articles that I am stumbling across that might come in useful for my Rethink project.

Les Monaghan-documenting new arrivals from abroad to Doncaster

From a ‘Master Class in Storytelling’

There is a failure of craft, part of the job of journalism, media, is supposed to be documenting what the world really is, in realiy the broadcast media illustratrate a world of no suprises is, whereas we need to reassert the world to a place were suprise and interest exist…

narrative- a place where reason doesn’t always sway.

every story on the web, every ad, every song is a narrative but they are yelling at us, sell us their stoary, it’s a falseness, it’s rare therefore to encounter empathy

Brian Sturm

Convey emotions, deep power, taking disparate things

information is the thread, the garment we end up with is the story


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